First Trip North to See my Grammy and Grampy

Since I was born down South, I had to wait to meet some very important people, like my Grammy and Grampy.  Here we are the first time I ever saw them with my own six week old eyes.  It was pretty amazing!  I liked talking with Grampy . . . well, mainly, he did the talking, but when I was with Grammy, she let me ramble on and even seemed to understand me.  She’d ask, “Really?  Is that so?”  I was glad to meet them.  Thanks for burping me so much Grammy.  And Grampy, sorry I pooped on  your bed.  I think it was my new favorite spot. =)  Can’t wait to see you guys soon!

Love, kisses, and hugs,


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Big Cousin Craig

Guess what?!?  I bet you didn’t know, but I have a cousin who is just as big as me and a little bit younger.  Here I am with Craig Jr. and Grammy.  I’m glad my cousin Craig is a little bigger than me because someday I’m gonna need my big cousin to look out for me.  Aren’t we cute?

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Daddy’s Aunt Marie

Earlier that weekend I met my Daddy’s Aunt Marie.  She’s so pretty.  The first time I met Aunt Marie was at Michelle’s wedding in Newport, but I don’t remember that ’cause I was still in the jacuzzi.  Anyway, I’m glad I got to meet my great Aunt Marie in person.  See you soon Aunt Marie!



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Aunt Kathy and the leopard print

Here I am hanging out with Bob and Kathy.  Kathy was really warm. I’m glad she came to visit.  She bought me a leopard print Annabelle of the jungle get-up.  I’m going to wear it on two occassions: my next animal tea party or when Mommy brings me to the zoo. =) Thanks Kathy for the cute outfit!


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Aqeela and Me

Here I am with Mommy’s gym friend Aqeela.  They met when I was still in Mommy’s tummy.  Guess what?  Soon I get to meet my new friend who is cozy and warm inside his mommy’s (Aqeela’s) belly.  I can’t wait to meet him!

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Tub Time

Wow!  Look at me, I took my first tub bath.  And guess what?  I loved it!  I loved moving my arms and legs around in the warm water.  Mommy kept splashing warm water over my belly and on my head and I didn’t mind at all.  It sort of reminded me of my old jacuzzi.  Gosh, I miss that place, but I’m pretty happy that I am out and about and learning.  I’m learning so much everyday.  I learned that if I holler real loud, Mommy and Daddy move faster to put a towel around me and get me dressed.  They’re too funny.  Anyway,  I hope you like these photos.



P.S. Yesterday I also saw my first snow storm.  Mommy and Daddy took me outside and I felt snowflakes falling on my cheeks but I didn’t like that too much.  Sheesh, it was cold!  Today I was happy to stay inside where it was nice and warm.  Mommy held me all day and by now, I’ve almost forgotten about that chilly weather.

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Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my one month birthday! Hooray for me! I made it through a month with amateurs (don’t tell Mommy and Daddy I said that but they know it’s true). I’ve showed them a thing or two–how to burp me, feed me, entertain me, teach me things, and I’m teaching Mommy my baby vowels (eh, eh, ahhhh, ahhhh, and when I’m pooing–oooohhhh!). Mommy dressed me in my first pink dress which Nanny bought me. Even Daddy said my outfit was cute though he didn’t approve of my stockings (‘Are they appropriate for a baby?’ he asked Mommy.). Here I am in my swing, and taking my slumber poses for Mommy. Before anyone knows it, I’ll be a top model. Just don’t wake me up, ok?

Happy Birthday dear Annabelle, Happy Birthday to me.

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Annabelle’s First Trip to Macy’s

I didn’t know this, but when I was chilling in my sauna inside my mommy’s tummy, Mommy got a little pudgy.  I don’t mind.  It makes the booby juice sweeter.  Anyway, Mommy needed some new mommy-sweatpant-gear, so off we went to Macy’s.  This is a picture of us when we walked in.  Can’t you tell how thrilled I am?  But, someday, I’ll be shopping just like my mom.   Watch out Dad!

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Animal Party

If you don’t know, lots of neat animals live on the shelves of my nursery.  Today, Mommy invited them over to our recliner (where I bond with the boob), and I called for a photo shoot.  Sorry to say it again, but, aren’t I cute?

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Basket Case

Did you ever hear about explosive poo?  Better yet, have you ever heard explosive poo?  Mommy heard my explosive poo for the first times these past few days.  That’s how I ended up in the laundry basket.  I was covered in yellow gook and so was Mommy!  =)  But she still managed time to snap a photo of me.  Aren’t I cute?

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