Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my one month birthday! Hooray for me! I made it through a month with amateurs (don’t tell Mommy and Daddy I said that but they know it’s true). I’ve showed them a thing or two–how to burp me, feed me, entertain me, teach me things, and I’m teaching Mommy my baby vowels (eh, eh, ahhhh, ahhhh, and when I’m pooing–oooohhhh!). Mommy dressed me in my first pink dress which Nanny bought me. Even Daddy said my outfit was cute though he didn’t approve of my stockings (‘Are they appropriate for a baby?’ he asked Mommy.). Here I am in my swing, and taking my slumber poses for Mommy. Before anyone knows it, I’ll be a top model. Just don’t wake me up, ok?

Happy Birthday dear Annabelle, Happy Birthday to me.


January 19, 2007. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. annabellefriend replied:

    Jess, she looks a lot like you.

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