Closeups at 10 weeks and Thoughts on the Booby Group

Mommy took these photos of me this morning before we went to the booby group.  I really like the booby group.  Mommy drives us to the hospital in her car and then drives me around the hospital in my caddy stroller (it’s a big one, oh yeah.  The Cadillac of strollers).  So, at this booby group, I get to sit on Mommy’s lap and spend time with the booby.  And so do all the other babies who come there with their mommies.  It’s so much fun.  I just have to say, “ooh-wa” and all the mommies tell me how cute I am.  It’s a good time all around.

Here are some photos of me just thinking about that booby group.  Enjoy!

Hugs and cuddles,  Annabelle


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Another Snow Day

Ya know, I really think Mommy should’ve posted these pictures in reverse order.  Yesterday, we got snow.  Again.  I know, I know.  It’s a lot of snow that we’ve been getting, and I’m getting a little tired of Mother Nature ruining my days and making me stay inside all day.  See, in the top picture, I’d finally relaxed and fallen asleep on Mommy, who looks a little surprised or like she had something to say to Daddy.  But, in this bottom picture, earlier that day, I went on a long trek to the Post Office with Daddy.  Gosh, he’s warm.  And smart.  He got us out of the house so that Mommy could do the cleaning.  Glad he got us out of that.

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Happy Birthday Zach!

Whoa!  My buddy Zach turned two years old!  Two years.  I can’t even conceive of someone living that long.  I just turned two months last week.  Wow, I wonder where I’ll be in another two days.  Maybe in the Bahamas?  That would be fun.   Too much snow here on the east coast.  Uh huh.

Anyway, here I am at Zach’s party trying out his walker.  Happy Birthday Zach!

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I let Mommy and Daddy Go on a Date

So I had to let Mommy and Daddy go on a date together.  Lucky them.  I’m such a cute and wonderful baby that lots of people want to hang out with me.  This weekend I visited the Gehmans and saw my friend Zander (hey there Z-man) who called me “Cry baby.”  Hey, I’m just talkin’ the baby talk, that’s all.  If you people could understand the words coming out of my mouth, I wouldn’t have to scream and yell like that.  Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to deal for another few months.  Anyway, I had a great time and Mommy and Daddy said they definitely enjoyed some peace and quiet.  Whatever that means.

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Hanging Out in Ayaan’s “Crib”

Guess what!?!  My buddy Ayaan finally had his victory day and escaped his mommy’s tummy (Note the Family Guy reference.  Thanks Stewie!) !  I’m psyched!   Anyway, when I heard that he’d made his debut, I fussed and fussed until Mom agreed to take me there (well, me and her had a bit of congestion and then Mommy was caught by mean, horrible Mr.  Sinus infection).  And just look, Ayaan and me are perfect buds.  Here we are hanging out in Ayaan’s crib (literally his crib inside of his “crib”).  This guy likes to sleep more than I do, and I thought only Daddy rivaled my passion for sleep.

Most important, Ayaan is a nice, cute baby and I’m lucky to have a new friend.   Hey Ayaan, wanna hang at my crib sometime?  I’ve got a cool mobile.  Literally.

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Sleeping is What I do

At my playdate with Noah, Mom and her friend Heidi took these photos of me (and of Mom).  In the top photo, I refused to open my eyes for the camera, and in the second photo, too.  As you can see in the bottom photo, taking pictures just plain ole tuckers me out, so I said “Sayonara,” yawned, and fell fast asleep.  I tell ya, I’ve got the life.

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My Cute Friend Noah

Isn’t my friend Noah so adorable?  Shhh!  Don’t tell him I said that, or next time we babies get together, I’m going to blush.  Then again, Noah might just think I have gas or am overheated, or maybe Noah won’t think anything at all–he’s always smiling and happy.  I think there must be something good in his mama’s booby juice.   Anyway, what a little charmer he is.

Only thing is, I don’t think he’s that into me.  See how he’s pushing me away, or over.  Yes, I’m falling over, or for, Noah.  Hee hee.

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She Rolled Over!

Quick note from Jmama (that’s Annabelle’s awesome blogging mommy):

Guess what?!?  Annabelle rolled over!  But, sad to say, we missed her first roll.  Matt and I had left her with our neighbor Linda for approximately 45 minutes, and while we were away, our dear little baby pulled a fast one.  She rolled over for someone else!  You can imagine how devastated we were, so we came home and put her on her belly and we coached her as we’ve been doing these last eight and a half weeks, and golly, she would not roll over again!  We waited and waited, but nope, she seemed resentful, almost as if she were thinking, “Take that!  Leaving me and going and doing stuff without me.”  Of course, we got over it.  And then . . .

She rolled over again!  Today, she rolled over using the arm and throwing techniques that her dad and mom have showed her.  We are sooo proud!  But shhhh!!! No one ruin our little one’s glory by talking about how her dad rolled over at ten days, ok?  You should’ve seen her face as I clapped and clapped for her.  She realized her trick made Mom happy so she did it four more times.  Phewy!  What a birthday!

More pictures to come!



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Upset Tummy

So I upset my tummy.  Okay, not really.  But gosh Mom, I hate tummy time.  I don’t care how many stuffed animals and toys you put around me.  I don’t like being on my tummy.  I know. I know.  I’ve got to do it.  But that doesn’t mean I’ve got to like it.  Can I have the booby now?

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Snowed In–Again!

Thank goodness we had good weather a few days ago.  Our short adventure in D.C. was a pleasant visit, and then came the snow.  For the last two days, Mommy and I have been snowed in.  That means no library, no coffee for Mommy, no visits with Heidi and Noah or Aqeela, and no visiting our Maryland friends (we miss you guys!).  So me and Mommy had to be resourceful.  We danced, sang nursery rhymes, read stories, played tummy time gymnastics, I got to take a bath! (good and bad), and of course, we took short walks in the snow.

The only neat photo of me and Mommy is the first one, with our heads in the white outline.  Don’t ask how that one happened.  We have no idea!  Anyway, we miss our friends!  See you guys soon.



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