For My Two Biggest Fans: Nanny and Grammy!

Hope you liked the pictures Grammy and Nanny!  By the way, I’m wearing my little bunny outfit that Kathy gave me.  Mommy said she felt bad putting the pants on me with their little bunny feet.  She said it reminded her of the poor little boy in A Christmas Story–the one whose aunt sends him a bunny suit for Christmas.  Anway, Mommy says I’m still the cutest Annabelle ever.


February 12, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. annabellefriend replied:

    These photos are great! Her face is so sweet!

  2. annabellefriend replied:

    this grammy says hi love the closeups they’re beautiful just like you

  3. nannycarol replied:

    great pictures annabelle, but then can you possibly take any bad ones, love nanny

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