She Rolled Over!

Quick note from Jmama (that’s Annabelle’s awesome blogging mommy):

Guess what?!?  Annabelle rolled over!  But, sad to say, we missed her first roll.  Matt and I had left her with our neighbor Linda for approximately 45 minutes, and while we were away, our dear little baby pulled a fast one.  She rolled over for someone else!  You can imagine how devastated we were, so we came home and put her on her belly and we coached her as we’ve been doing these last eight and a half weeks, and golly, she would not roll over again!  We waited and waited, but nope, she seemed resentful, almost as if she were thinking, “Take that!  Leaving me and going and doing stuff without me.”  Of course, we got over it.  And then . . .

She rolled over again!  Today, she rolled over using the arm and throwing techniques that her dad and mom have showed her.  We are sooo proud!  But shhhh!!! No one ruin our little one’s glory by talking about how her dad rolled over at ten days, ok?  You should’ve seen her face as I clapped and clapped for her.  She realized her trick made Mom happy so she did it four more times.  Phewy!  What a birthday!

More pictures to come!




February 19, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. annabellefriend replied:

    Congratulations Annabelle! Keep on rollin’ girl! hehehe

  2. nannycarol replied:

    i am so proud of you annabelle

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