Hanging Out in Ayaan’s “Crib”

Guess what!?!  My buddy Ayaan finally had his victory day and escaped his mommy’s tummy (Note the Family Guy reference.  Thanks Stewie!) !  I’m psyched!   Anyway, when I heard that he’d made his debut, I fussed and fussed until Mom agreed to take me there (well, me and her had a bit of congestion and then Mommy was caught by mean, horrible Mr.  Sinus infection).  And just look, Ayaan and me are perfect buds.  Here we are hanging out in Ayaan’s crib (literally his crib inside of his “crib”).  This guy likes to sleep more than I do, and I thought only Daddy rivaled my passion for sleep.

Most important, Ayaan is a nice, cute baby and I’m lucky to have a new friend.   Hey Ayaan, wanna hang at my crib sometime?  I’ve got a cool mobile.  Literally.


February 23, 2007. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. nannycarol replied:

    annabelle your little friend is really cute, but i really need to talk to your mama about hanging out in other baby’s cribs. but your right fair is fair you need to invite your little friend over to your safari crib and show off all your neat stuff too.

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