Annabelle’s Other Pet Peeve: Riding in the Carseat

One of my other pet peeves is riding in my carseat.  I used to love it, but then I discovered that if I cried enough, Daddy would pull the car over and ask Mommy to sit and chat with me.  And guess what?  I like that very much.  But during the week when it’s just me and Mommy, she refuses to sit in the back seat with me.  Something about driving off the road or something.  Anyway, here I am with her solution.  A bunch of colored rings and chimes.  And I actually like them.  So, just for today, I didn’t cry while we were out and about.  But just for today.


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Annabelle’s Pet Peeve: Putting on Clothes

This is right before I start screaming.  I hate getting dressed in the morning . . .

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Hanging at Nutley Park

Wow it’s nice out.  Today Mommy brought me to the park to visit my buddy Ayaan.  Here we are just hanging out.  Aren’t we cute?

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Humoring My Mommy

Just humoring Mom a bit.  She really likes taking photos with me.

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Likes to Stand, Alot.

I’ve discovered my legs!  They are wonderful!  I stand on them and wobble but I haven’t got this walking thing down yet.  Mommy said she’s going to cry when I finally do start walking.  I guess she really likes me and doesn’t want me running off.  But, I love to see things and do things, so someday, I’m going to have to get these leggo-things to move the way you grown-ups do.  And Mommy, I promise I’ll visit.

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Mommy’s Nemesis

Mommy wants to know if anyone wants a cat.  Let her know, okay?  See, I’m not waking her and Daddy up at night anymore.  And I’m not naming names, but somebody else is . . .

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Flying 101

Developmentally, I’m getting a little sick of sleeping and nursing all the time.  So, I consulted my psychologist teddy bear (he vibrates, so I totally trust him) for some suggestions for further stimulation.  The day to day just gets so hum drum sometimes.  Well, Dr. Teddy Bear recommended doing something active, “Why not learn something new?” he asked while chewing on his spectacles.

So when Daddy got home, up I flew for a few lessons.  Wow, do I feel better!  Exhilarated, really.  Plus, flying helps me get bubbles out of my stomach.  Mommy didn’t take the picture where I spit up all over Daddy’s face while flying.  That would’ve been funny though, wouldn’t it?

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Hanging with Mommy

Yuck!  Today Mommy had a lot of work to do, so that meant I could either hang out on the boob and snooze there or I had to play in my Einstein station.  Well, I like the blinking lights and all, and I just started swinging at the mini-Einstein toys, but after a while I miss laughing and talking with Mommy.  After a little while, I said, “Enough woman!  Please come play!”  So Mommy put away that heavy, folding thing that she holds in front of her face and looks at while nursing me, and she got down to sing songs and play tummy time with me.  Thank goodness I’ve got a good set of lungs.

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A Likely Story

After relaxing with Mom and Dad in Florida, I was ready to take on some new adventures, so this week, Mommy drove me to Old Town Alexandria’s A Likely Story where Ms. Dinah reads and sings to us babies.  It was a lot of fun.  Here I am with my buddy Ayaan and his mom Aqeela.  I also liked to sitting with the big reading bear, but as you can see in the middle photo, sometimes posing for all these photos makes me feel a bit indifferent.

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Mini-March Break in Florida

Last week, me, Mommy, and Daddy packed our bags and headed away for a mini-March break.  And boy were we glad we went, our neighborhood in Virginia got sleet and snow while we were soaking up the sun in  Florida.  Nanny called while we were there and said she could see eight inches of snow outsider her window in Connecticut.  Daddy said, “Ha ha.”  Mommy said that wasn’t very nice of him, but she laughed too.

What did I like about Florida?  Lots of walks with Mommy and Daddy (there weren’t any swings or bouncers for them to put me in so I got held an awful lot), lots of other waddling wrinkled people like me (but they were older and bigger), and I got to hang out under a cabana and nurse at the same time (thanks for letting Mom wear your big shirts Dad!.  All in all, it was a good getaway, but we’re happy to be home again too.

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