Bouncing and Rocking through Rockcreek Park

Sometimes I have the strangest dreams.  I’m in this warm, dark place where someone is always holding me and keeping me warm.  And in that place, I get rocked and bounced all the time.  I’m so happy there . . . But then I wake up!  And here I am in this strange place where everyone is super bigger than me and they lift me up and make strange noises through those white squares on their faces.  Thank goodness I have Mommy and Daddy to hold me and make me feel nice and cozy; it reminds me of that dreamy place that I think I sort of remember.  Another good thing about Mommy and Daddy is that sometimes they bounce me and rock me the way I remember in my dreams.  Today, Mommy put me in a new stroller and she and Daddy bounced and rocked me all through Rockcreek park down in D.C.  Not only was it a beautiful day out–I got to catch up on lost sleep from that awful daylight savings thing.

March 12, 2007. Uncategorized.

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  1. annabellefriend replied:

    what a beautiful view love gramma

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