Hanging with Mommy

Yuck!  Today Mommy had a lot of work to do, so that meant I could either hang out on the boob and snooze there or I had to play in my Einstein station.  Well, I like the blinking lights and all, and I just started swinging at the mini-Einstein toys, but after a while I miss laughing and talking with Mommy.  After a little while, I said, “Enough woman!  Please come play!”  So Mommy put away that heavy, folding thing that she holds in front of her face and looks at while nursing me, and she got down to sing songs and play tummy time with me.  Thank goodness I’ve got a good set of lungs.

March 21, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. annabellefriend replied:

    I love that you blog! I always look forward to your new posts. Looks like your having a blast being a mom!
    Your little girl is such a cutie pie!

  2. nannycarol replied:

    i love reading your little stories. i hope you put a book together someday with all of this. you are just too cute, now i know where annabelle gets her beauty and personality! i love you mama

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