Mini-March Break in Florida

Last week, me, Mommy, and Daddy packed our bags and headed away for a mini-March break.  And boy were we glad we went, our neighborhood in Virginia got sleet and snow while we were soaking up the sun in  Florida.  Nanny called while we were there and said she could see eight inches of snow outsider her window in Connecticut.  Daddy said, “Ha ha.”  Mommy said that wasn’t very nice of him, but she laughed too.

What did I like about Florida?  Lots of walks with Mommy and Daddy (there weren’t any swings or bouncers for them to put me in so I got held an awful lot), lots of other waddling wrinkled people like me (but they were older and bigger), and I got to hang out under a cabana and nurse at the same time (thanks for letting Mom wear your big shirts Dad!.  All in all, it was a good getaway, but we’re happy to be home again too.

March 21, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. annabellefriend replied:

    Oh Annabelle, is Mommy teaching you how to layout already??? That’s something mommy taught me how to do VERY WELL with her. =)
    Remember Jess? lol


  2. nannycarol replied:

    annabelle you are so lucky to have such a devoted daddy, he is always taking care of you. no sunburn for you! hope you had a great time in florida, you are already a beach beauty

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