So I Got a Mobile and It’s Remote Controlled!

So I got this new mobile, or well, Mommy and Daddy buckled down and ordered a remote control twenty minutes worth of mobile time for themselves.  Hey, no complaints here.  I like the mobile.  I liked the old mobile too but it would fart out after thirty seconds of twirling and music, and heck, that made me mad!  From what I’ve heard from Mommy and Daddy, this mobile is a real life saver.


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Bouncing and Rocking through Rockcreek Park

Sometimes I have the strangest dreams.  I’m in this warm, dark place where someone is always holding me and keeping me warm.  And in that place, I get rocked and bounced all the time.  I’m so happy there . . . But then I wake up!  And here I am in this strange place where everyone is super bigger than me and they lift me up and make strange noises through those white squares on their faces.  Thank goodness I have Mommy and Daddy to hold me and make me feel nice and cozy; it reminds me of that dreamy place that I think I sort of remember.  Another good thing about Mommy and Daddy is that sometimes they bounce me and rock me the way I remember in my dreams.  Today, Mommy put me in a new stroller and she and Daddy bounced and rocked me all through Rockcreek park down in D.C.  Not only was it a beautiful day out–I got to catch up on lost sleep from that awful daylight savings thing.

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Bench Time at the National Zoo

Wow, it was so warm this weekend!  So, Mommy and Daddy thought we’d make a trip to the National Zoo.  I wish I could tell you about all the animals I saw, but I was kind of hungry, so Mommy and Daddy took lots of rests on the zoo benches so that I could feast away.  Phewy,  I think I’m going through another one of those growth spurts.  It’s hard work, sheesh!

But someday, I’ll be as big and strong as little Alec, my buddy over to the left of me and Mommy.  See his mommy videotaping him?  Big people are always carrying these flashing small boxes around us babies.  Can someone tell me why they do that?  Can they see us better that way?  I dunno . . .

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Napping on Daddy

Not only do I love listening to Daddy’s little talks, but he’s also a great place for me to sneak in a little nap.  So, uh, Dad, will you just sit still, say, for uh, the next two hours or so?  I’m really comfy right now.   Shnoooze . . .

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Some face time with Daddy

I like hanging out with my Dad.  He always sets me down and has little talks with me.  Well, here’s proof.  Mommy had to sneak in and take some photos of us, but I didn’t mind because I thought I was having a good hair day.  What do you think?

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So That’s What I Look like . . .

Nanny made yet another pilgrimage to Walmart.  Can you believe it?  Well, on this last journey, she bought me a music playing, Vegas lit-up mirror over my head kind-of-thing that I can play with when I do tummy, er, back exercise time.  So here I am looking up into the mirror with a bit of a shock.  I thought to myself, “Who’s the beautiful baby looking at me?”  And then I heard Mommy and Daddy tell me, “Look, it’s you Annabelle,” and I knew I’d met such a cute face.  But, I was so surprised.  Hey that’s me!

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Busy Bee this Weekend

Wow, this past weekend just flew by.  We ate pizza and played with the Burkes, Nanny and Joe came for a visit, I went to my second birthday party ever (Happy Birthday baby Kaylee!), and Mommy and Daddy took me to IHOP and Walmart.  Talk about action-packed.  Phew!  I’m a bit tired out, so I think I better call Mommy over here so I can get ready for bed.  Night night,


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Nanny and Joe Come into Town

Hi Nanny!  Hi Joe!  Thanks for coming to visit me, Mommy, and Daddy in Virginia.  We had so much fun.  I liked playing with you, having you hold me and talk silly with me, I liked listening to your voice and having you change my diaper (that’s one of my favorite things right now–the diaper change), and I liked all the neat clothes, shoes, and toys you brought to me.  More than anything, I liked getting to see you.  Come again soon, okay guys?

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My Buddies Zach and Avery

Hi Zach!  Hi Avery!  Thanks for coming over to play this weekend.  I liked watching you chase our cat Toby around the house.  Toby got more exercise than he could’ve ever imagined.  He said he lost six pounds!  I can’t wait to hang out again next time.  See you later,


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I Love My Changing Table

So I absolutely love my changing table.  I don’t know what it is, but as soon as Mommy and Daddy put me on the changing table, I’m all laughs, giggles, kicks, and talk.  I love to babble at them and show them how strong my legs are.  It just makes me so happy to have my little butt hanging out too.   Good times, good, good, times.

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