Never Leave Home Without a Bouncer

Guess what Mommy and Daddy learned on this trip to Connecticut?!?  They learned, most importantly, to leave a spare key with a neighbor for the chance that their car breaks down and the cat sitter has locked the key in the house and Toby might starve (thank goodness the cat sitter returned the key to our neighbor who was able to help us out–saved me and Mommy a train ride home to feed Toby), and second, Mom and Dad learned that they will never go on a trip without a bouncer ever again.  Here I am propped up against a pillow while Mommy made herself pretty for an appointment we had at Sears.  For some reason, I really enjoy listening to the blowdryer.  Can’t  you tell?

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Mom and Dad’s Connecticut Friends

If you hadn’t heard, Mommy and Daddy got stuck in Connecticut for two extra days because Mommy’s car died (again).   Fortunately, they were able to have it repaired, and I got to meet a couple of Mommy and Daddy’s friends, too.  Here I am with Lauren, Matt C., and Jen.   Too bad about the car, but at least we got to spend more time with friends.   See you guys soon!

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Visiting Gramma and Grampa

Hi Gramma and Grampa!  So glad to see you.  Thank you for taking such good care of me, and Gramma, Mommy says thank you for keeping me cool and calm while she caught up on her classwork.   Also, thank you for the cute onesies and matching pants and shorts.  I love the onesies because Mommy doesn’t have to squeeze my head through them, she can just button them around me.  I can barely tell that I’m getting dressed.  So, anyway, thanks Gramma!  See you guys soon.

Hugs and kisses,


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Cousin Bianca

I also got to see my favorite girl cousin, Bianca!  Thanks for posing for so many pics with me cuz!  See you soon,

Hugs,  Annabelle

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New England Pizza

Aunt Casey and cousin Jackson came to Connecticut this past weekend while me, Mommy, and Daddy were in town.  Since Aunt Casey has been craving good, New England pizza (she says the pizza in Georgia can’t compete), we headed down to Milford and ordered up a few pies.   Good to see you guys, and we’ll see you in a few weeks for Aunt Casey and Uncle Nate’s renewal celebration.  See you then!



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Gotta Have Shades

Summer, here I come!  Cool shades and a conservative swimsuit (because that’s what mom and dad will allow me to wear).

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Congratulations Alex and Bonnie!

Dah, dunt, dah, dah.  Daddy’s friend Alex got married!  Congratulations Alex and Bonnie!  Here I am modeling a pink Easter dress with my awesome bow.  I know, I’m a cute one, aren’t I?

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We Be Jammin

Another good time at Jammin Java’s.  This time, Mommy’s friend Prasanna and her baby Meera (from the booby group) joined us, and Zander and Andrea.   Mommy’s been trying to get a shot of Zander rocking it in the mosh pit near Mr. Knick Knack, but she finally snapped a photo of him with the drummer.  I’m still a bit of petite tater to be out moshing, so I practice my headbanging back at the table, where Mommy, safety, and the boob are nearby.

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Trendy Turtle

Thanks Jackson!  This is the cutest, most stylish turtle that anyone has ever given me.   Someday, if my dad lets me borrow the credit card, I’ll take my trendy turtle to H&M’s and pick up some cool digs.   Until then, I guess I’ll just have to put up with Mommy dressing me in pepto bismo pink.

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  We enjoyed a great Easter and Passover holiday with friends, and took Annabelle to her first mass (although our church was so packed that we had to stand out in the lobby with about a hundred other people–next year we’ll make sure that we get there a half hour before mass).

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