Annabelle’s Top Ten List

As I was reviewing Mommy’s photos from my week, I decided to come up with my very own favorite memories’ top ten list.  Here it is in  no specific order:

10. When Mommy killed the shopping cart at Target.  Well, she didn’t actually kill it.  It can probably still roll. Daddy asked, “Is the car okay?”  And Mommy is hoping that Aunt Lynn won’t report her to the authorities at Target.

9.  Nursing, breast feeding, getting the booby juice or mama’s milk, whatever.  I love the boob!

8. Standing.  Yes, standing on my own wobbly two legs makes me happier than getting my diaper changed.

7. Okay, getting my diaper changed.  Phewy, I love letting my butt get some fresh air.

6. When friends visit Mommy and Daddy.  Everyone wants to hold me.  It beats sitting in the bouncer or the swing when Mom and Dad need to do stuff around the house.

5. Taking naps while someone walks me.  Daddy walked me for close to two hours this past week so that I wouldn’t cry while the boob was away with Mommy.  I guess Mommy’s trying to finish her masters, whatever that is.

4. Tummy time.  Yes, I actually enjoy this, can you believe it?  I’ve figured out that if I hit the flaps jutting off of my play station that I can’t make it sing funny noises.

3.  Speaking of funny noises, I like it when you adults do sound effects with your mouth.  I can’t get enough of Mommy and Daddy talking in zombie voices.  It’s so scary that I laugh out loud.

2.  Chewing on stuff.  Nanny mailed me a gummy teether (I’m pre-teething), and I also like chewing and drooling on Mommy’s knuckle.

1.  Pooping.  An oldie and a goodie.

P.S.  Mommy says there’s more photos to come, we’ve just got to head out to her booby support group.


April 2, 2007. Uncategorized.

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