Little Swimmer

Our baby loves to swim! At our last baby reading group (I know, I know, how much reading can we do in a pool? Well, we had water proof books and we played and sang water themed activities), Annabelle revealed how much she loves to swim. Another mom instructed the rest of us to put our babies on their bellies and to let them try to kick and move their arms. Well, I didn’t expect too much, but Annabelle surprised us all but passionately kicking and paddling. She didn’t even care about all the water that was splashing up into her face (thank goodness we were in a low chlorinated pool). All the other moms were laughing and telling their babies to take Annabelle’s cue. It was so cute, and I have to say, I was so proud of my little girl.

Yesterday, for Father’s Day, we stopped by the pool after a long day outside in the sun. If you didn’t know, Matt is totally whipped by his little girl, so when we showed him that she loves the water (just like he does), I think I saw him get a bit teary eyed through his laughter. I wish we had a photo of her face as she pushes herself through the water. She is just so taken by it.

June 18, 2007. cute.

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