Our New Neighbors: Reston Zoo

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Grocery Cart Rider

Annabelle is now a grocery cart rider sans carseat!  Here she is checking out the milk aisle.  She really seems to love the freedom of being in the cart without the confines of her carseat.   She looks at everything, and oh boy, she loves to swipe and grab stuff within her reach.  So, it’s easier on mom since I don’t have to carry the heavy carseat into the store, but now I have to be on the lookout for items Annabelle can get her hands on.

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Backwards Crawler

And there she goes!  Backwards under the couch.

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Tagging Along to the Blood Bank

Last week Annabelle tagged along with  me while I donated blood.  Here she is with the technician who took my blood and another donor’s daughter who offered to play with her during the five minutes it took to donate.  Annabelle has A positive blood, which 30% plus of the population have.  Matt has O positive, and I have A negative, which only 9% of the population have.   Do you know what a positive and a negative mom and dad equals?  A shot in the butt for a negative mom–a rhogam shot that is.

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Nighttime routine

A happy Annabelle is a well slept Annabelle.  As part of our efforts to get Annabelle to bed earlier, Matt and I are giving her an evening tub bath every night (as opposed to a sponge bath).  She loves splashing the water at us, and she still hasn’t figured out how I make her fish squirt water at her.  She looks amused and then annoyed that we keep shooting water at her.

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Baby Party

Here’s Annabelle at a baby playdate/ moms&dads dinner party with her friends Meera and Sandaya. Meera is the most mobile out of three since she’s chasing after her older brother Raki. Whenever Annabelle spends time with her more mobile friends, she tries harder to crawl. Actually, Matt snapped a photo of Annabelle crawling backwards under the sofa. She wasn’t too happy when she realized the results of her efforts. I’ll post that photo later.

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Some Updates

Here’s Annabelle with the remains of what was the doctor’s table paper, which she discovered with both hands at her 6 month baby well checkup.

Okay, here are some updates in Annabelle Baby land.  First of all, last week was an awful long week of sleepless nights for mom and dad and a pain in the butt for Annabelle (literally).  Annabelle received (a bit late in the month) her first of the round of 6 month shots.  Early in the evening, she was fine, but as the night progressed, she awoke every hour with a shout and then crying.  We called the pediatrician and all of us assumed that she was having a reaction to her dtap shot.  Well three days later her temp still hadn’t dropped from 101.5/102 and she vomited (something she hasn’t done before).  So we brought her into the pediatrician and I told him she’d been refusing to breastfeed and eat.  He examined her throat and diagnosed her with hand-foot-and mouth virus which requires no medication except tylenol for pain relief.   She started to improve and two days later I went to see Harry Potter with my girlfriend Sara.  Matt and Eli watched the kiddos, and Matt discovered that Annabelle had broken out in a rash!  Thank goodness Sara and Eli calmed us down and gave us some information about the virus–of which a rash is a common symptom.

This week Annabelle is back to her normal high spirits, she’s napping, has a normal temp, and is just a happy baby overall.  But last week was rough.  I guess it gets easy, then hard, then worser still, and finally it starts to get easy again.   Anyhow, I’ll settle for my happy baby that we’ve got back now.

Oh yeah, and if you didn’t know, we bought a townhouse on Sunday!  We plan to move in about a month from now, so I may be busy getting prepared in the meantime.   But I’ll do my best to post pics, etc.

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Precious baby readers

Yesterday we got together with our baby reading group where a bunch of moms and babies get together to sing, tell stories, practice baby yoga and knocked off gymboree exercises, as well as letting moms talk about sleep, breast feeding, and anything else dealing with baby.

Boy are the babies growing!  Ella is crawling with full speed, Annabelle is attempting to mimic her older friend’s moves, and Catherine is clapping at everything that she finds impressive.   They’re growing so fast–we moms feel a little sad that our small ones will be this small only for a while longer.  Well, they’ll certainly always be precious, and might we remind ourselves of that when they grow into teenagers!

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Z Pizza boys

Aren’t Avery and Zach inventive?  We met them and their mom Sara at Z pizza in South Riding for some tasty vegan pizza.  Avery and Zach ran up and down the aisle wearing these attractive pizza racks, and once the pizza arrived, they asked to try my Berkeley vegetarian pizza made with soy cheese, whole wheat crust, and  lots of vegetables.  After one bite, Avery decided he preferred standard slices with real cheese and tomato sauce, and then Zach decided (I’m guessing it was a decision based on his brother’s assessment) that he would pass on Ms. Jessica’s pie.  Well I thought it was excellent!  And, I plan to return for some healthy pizza next week too!  Meanwhile Annabelle stared in awe as we ate.  I wasn’t about to give her pizza just yet–I still think pizza is a baby hazard.

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Crawling to pass the time

Check her out!  She wiggles, she tiggles, and she attempts to crawl!  At the very least she’s a resourceful baby who figures she could make time for learning how to get the heck out of a boring meeting where Mom and Dad negotiated the price of their new house.  As her dad puts it, “You’re an expensive baby.”  Not expensive, just priceless.  And cute, too.

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