Some Updates

Here’s Annabelle with the remains of what was the doctor’s table paper, which she discovered with both hands at her 6 month baby well checkup.

Okay, here are some updates in Annabelle Baby land.  First of all, last week was an awful long week of sleepless nights for mom and dad and a pain in the butt for Annabelle (literally).  Annabelle received (a bit late in the month) her first of the round of 6 month shots.  Early in the evening, she was fine, but as the night progressed, she awoke every hour with a shout and then crying.  We called the pediatrician and all of us assumed that she was having a reaction to her dtap shot.  Well three days later her temp still hadn’t dropped from 101.5/102 and she vomited (something she hasn’t done before).  So we brought her into the pediatrician and I told him she’d been refusing to breastfeed and eat.  He examined her throat and diagnosed her with hand-foot-and mouth virus which requires no medication except tylenol for pain relief.   She started to improve and two days later I went to see Harry Potter with my girlfriend Sara.  Matt and Eli watched the kiddos, and Matt discovered that Annabelle had broken out in a rash!  Thank goodness Sara and Eli calmed us down and gave us some information about the virus–of which a rash is a common symptom.

This week Annabelle is back to her normal high spirits, she’s napping, has a normal temp, and is just a happy baby overall.  But last week was rough.  I guess it gets easy, then hard, then worser still, and finally it starts to get easy again.   Anyhow, I’ll settle for my happy baby that we’ve got back now.

Oh yeah, and if you didn’t know, we bought a townhouse on Sunday!  We plan to move in about a month from now, so I may be busy getting prepared in the meantime.   But I’ll do my best to post pics, etc.


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