Happy Birthday to Dad! He’s 30 +1

Guess what?  My dad turned 30 + 1 this past Wednesday.  To celebrate, Mom and took him into Washington D.C. for some exciting tourism!  We visited the American Art Gallery where I humored Mommy while she pointed out all the details in various paintings.  I apparently enjoyed Picasso and other bright colored paintings.  I also liked staring at other people who were looking at artwork.

Then it was over to the overly neglected World War I Memorial.  I fell asleep there.  Then Mom and Dad hiked up to 17th Street for lunch, and by chance, they came across two tickets to the Washington Monument, one attraction that Daddy had never had the chance to experience.  So after my nap and lunch, we stood in line for ten minutes and up we rode for one minute to the top of the monument.  I didn’t mind being up 500 feet, but on the ride down in the elevator, the lights went out for a bit, and that really scared me!  I clung to Mommy until we got out of that place.

All in all, I had a great time on Dad’s birthday.  I told Mom to buy him some new kicks since his old high tops were probably ten years old, which is too many lifetimes for a pair of shoes, from my point of view (hey, I’m eight months old).  Oh, and we think Dad had a great time, too!

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Foam Mats

This is Mom and Dad’s solution to a carpet free play area (Toby loves to pee on carpet).  Actually, they got the idea from their friend Andrea who handed off a packet of foam squares for me to play on.  Then, they went to Target and bought some more foam squares.    Now they’re talking about buying foam mats for the entire house so that I can practice crawling and walking and falling wherever I choose to go.  Aren’t I a lucky baby?

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Our New Home

Ah, finally.  Got my camera hooked up and am able to type away for a few moments.  Annabelle is chatting with her dad right now, having just woken up.  Mornings are her happiest hours, a quality Matt cannot believe someone with his DNA would have.  Either way, her smiles and cooing in the morning can put even the grouchiest person in a better mood.

Okay,  so the pictures above are of our new home! The first one is Matt and Annabelle in the “pool room.”  For now, Matt is content with using our packing boxes in the shape of a pool table to determine how/where we will position the eventual, real pool table.  The next photo is our kitchen, although I guess you can’t really see too much.   The third photo is our living room and dining room, which will need some serious baby proofing because of a step separating the two spaces.  Last is a picture of our fireplace in living room, which is becoming a play area for Ms. Annabelle.

So far we love our new place.  I just bought some flowers to plant in our front garden, so I’ll have to take some photos of that when I’m finished.  Matt has biked to work two times since we’ve lived here.  We walk to the grocery store (and load up Annabelle’s stroller).  And, since we live near the towncenter and Ben and Jerry’s, we’ve gone out for ice cream and taken Annabelle to see the huge fountain twice.  She loves staring at the water shooting all over, especially at night when the lights glimmer behind it.

Well, that’s all for now . . .

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D.C. Montes have moved on! Well, twenty minutes down the road anyway

So, we’ve officially moved in to our new home in Reston!  It was a long week full of unpacking, purging (we couldn’t believe how much C**P we had!), organizing, and entertaining Annabelle.  At first she seemed confused with the moving experience, and we noticed her improved mood when we returned to the condo a few days later to pick up more of our stuff.  She sat on the floor in the empty condo and looking around, she clapped her hands.  I started to cry (I always cry) and Matt hugged me.  We had so many good times in that condo, even if it was getting a bit small for the three of us.  So I’m a sentimental sap, and luckily I married one too.

Then this past weekend my girlfriend Courtney and her husband Ben came over to help us finish the unpacking in our basement/rec room (it’s where we put all the boxes of stuff we didn’t know what to do with).  Courtney played with Annabelle and Mikey (her baby who is just a month younger than Annabelle) while Matt and Ben organized our storage closets.  I helped as much as I could (Annabelle would cry if I left the playmat for too long).  Within two hours, all the boxes were gone.

Once I fix my camera (it malfunctioned while we were at the beach) or figure out how to hook up the video camera to the computer, I’ll post some pictures of our new home and Ms. Annabelle.   We love having so much space, being surrounded by green, and not being on the first floor with the glow of street lights streaming into our windows at night.  On our first night in the new house, Matt commented that it is so dark without any blinds or curtains that we might not need to buy any for our bedroom.  From our bed, looking out the windows and up into the nightsky, we can see the high tree branches just swaying.  It is so peaceful.  Like our own little piece of Connecticut.

Well, that’s it for now.  More on Annabelle to follow . . .

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Creeping and trying to crawl

She’s trying to crawl, but once she rocks back and forth, she just flops!  It’s coming real fast though so I need to child proof our new place when we move in next week.

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And some of the fun stuff she’s been doing lately . . .

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Developmental Updates

Oh boy are we coping with separation anxiety!  It started about a month ago and has progressively gotten more pronounced.  Here’s Annabelle and her buddy Ayaan who I spent much a yoga class playing with since my dear daughter called me out two times earlier.  Oh well, I felt pretty om from a good play session with the kiddos.  Ayaan is crawling everywhere and is eager to share his toys.  Annabelle is still trying to crawl (rocking back and forth and creeping forward) and is in a very grabby phase.  Watch out hair, earrings, and anything else that is attached to one’s body and could cause pain when pulled!

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Peek a boo!

Annabelle loves the bathtub and is enjoying playing peekaboo and other games. Actually, last night we had planned to take her swimming but due to lightning and thunder the pool closed.  When we returned home, her dad offered to give her a bath and when I peeked in on them, they were both in their bathing suits and playing away in the bathtub.  Anyway, here’s a quick clip of her playing with me a few nights ago.

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