D.C. Montes have moved on! Well, twenty minutes down the road anyway

So, we’ve officially moved in to our new home in Reston!  It was a long week full of unpacking, purging (we couldn’t believe how much C**P we had!), organizing, and entertaining Annabelle.  At first she seemed confused with the moving experience, and we noticed her improved mood when we returned to the condo a few days later to pick up more of our stuff.  She sat on the floor in the empty condo and looking around, she clapped her hands.  I started to cry (I always cry) and Matt hugged me.  We had so many good times in that condo, even if it was getting a bit small for the three of us.  So I’m a sentimental sap, and luckily I married one too.

Then this past weekend my girlfriend Courtney and her husband Ben came over to help us finish the unpacking in our basement/rec room (it’s where we put all the boxes of stuff we didn’t know what to do with).  Courtney played with Annabelle and Mikey (her baby who is just a month younger than Annabelle) while Matt and Ben organized our storage closets.  I helped as much as I could (Annabelle would cry if I left the playmat for too long).  Within two hours, all the boxes were gone.

Once I fix my camera (it malfunctioned while we were at the beach) or figure out how to hook up the video camera to the computer, I’ll post some pictures of our new home and Ms. Annabelle.   We love having so much space, being surrounded by green, and not being on the first floor with the glow of street lights streaming into our windows at night.  On our first night in the new house, Matt commented that it is so dark without any blinds or curtains that we might not need to buy any for our bedroom.  From our bed, looking out the windows and up into the nightsky, we can see the high tree branches just swaying.  It is so peaceful.  Like our own little piece of Connecticut.

Well, that’s it for now.  More on Annabelle to follow . . .


August 21, 2007. Uncategorized.

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