Happy Birthday to Dad! He’s 30 +1

Guess what?  My dad turned 30 + 1 this past Wednesday.  To celebrate, Mom and took him into Washington D.C. for some exciting tourism!  We visited the American Art Gallery where I humored Mommy while she pointed out all the details in various paintings.  I apparently enjoyed Picasso and other bright colored paintings.  I also liked staring at other people who were looking at artwork.

Then it was over to the overly neglected World War I Memorial.  I fell asleep there.  Then Mom and Dad hiked up to 17th Street for lunch, and by chance, they came across two tickets to the Washington Monument, one attraction that Daddy had never had the chance to experience.  So after my nap and lunch, we stood in line for ten minutes and up we rode for one minute to the top of the monument.  I didn’t mind being up 500 feet, but on the ride down in the elevator, the lights went out for a bit, and that really scared me!  I clung to Mommy until we got out of that place.

All in all, I had a great time on Dad’s birthday.  I told Mom to buy him some new kicks since his old high tops were probably ten years old, which is too many lifetimes for a pair of shoes, from my point of view (hey, I’m eight months old).  Oh, and we think Dad had a great time, too!


August 31, 2007. Uncategorized.

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