Our New Home

Ah, finally.  Got my camera hooked up and am able to type away for a few moments.  Annabelle is chatting with her dad right now, having just woken up.  Mornings are her happiest hours, a quality Matt cannot believe someone with his DNA would have.  Either way, her smiles and cooing in the morning can put even the grouchiest person in a better mood.

Okay,  so the pictures above are of our new home! The first one is Matt and Annabelle in the “pool room.”  For now, Matt is content with using our packing boxes in the shape of a pool table to determine how/where we will position the eventual, real pool table.  The next photo is our kitchen, although I guess you can’t really see too much.   The third photo is our living room and dining room, which will need some serious baby proofing because of a step separating the two spaces.  Last is a picture of our fireplace in living room, which is becoming a play area for Ms. Annabelle.

So far we love our new place.  I just bought some flowers to plant in our front garden, so I’ll have to take some photos of that when I’m finished.  Matt has biked to work two times since we’ve lived here.  We walk to the grocery store (and load up Annabelle’s stroller).  And, since we live near the towncenter and Ben and Jerry’s, we’ve gone out for ice cream and taken Annabelle to see the huge fountain twice.  She loves staring at the water shooting all over, especially at night when the lights glimmer behind it.

Well, that’s all for now . . .


August 31, 2007. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. annabellefriend replied:

    Jess, Congratulations on the move!!!! You have a beautiful house! I love all the hardwood floors!
    🙂 Jennifer

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