Annabelle’s First Cold and a bumpy ride to see waterfalls

Phew!  We survived this past week.  And no, sorry, I didn’t take the photo above.  But I did take video of the same site (it’s Great Falls National Park), and once I figure out how to finalize the video and upload it to UTube, I plan to post it and other videos we’ve been taking while we await a new and working camera.;

Okay, so this past week, Annabelle has had a bad cold with congestion and so has her mom and dad.  Actually, her dad just caught it and I have been fighting it off since this past weekend that we spent in Connecticut.  I took Ms. Belle to the ped’s office on Monday and she’s on a decongestant.  While there, we learned that she’s up to 19 lbs!  I was a bit surprised because she doesn’t look so big.  In three short months, she’ll be one year old and able to face forward in her new Britax Decathlon carseat (thanks Gramma and Grampy!).

The reason I posted the above picture (compliments of latherblather ) is that I decided that some fresh air and a change of scenery would be good for both me and the belle.  I drove out towards Georgetown Pike, a scenic road with huge estates, through the center of Great Falls, and out towards Riverbend Park where you can rent rowboats.  I planned to take Annabelle for a walk in her jogging stroller along what I though would be an easy paved trail.  The ranger I spoke with assured me that a trail connecting Riverbend to Great Falls was flat and easy terrain for a stroller.  Well, I thought so too until we reached what can only be described as a ledge beside the Potomac River.  Other hikers crossed our path here and expressed their concern about our going further on the trail.  Well, I’m stubborn, so onward we went.  Until we crossed a bigger ledge.  This time, another hiker helped me carry Annabelle and the stroller up the ledge to the other side, where there was a pretty flat though rocky trail to the trail’s end.   All and all, it was quite the adventure!  Annabelle slept through much of the bumpy ride, except in places where she awoke to practice her voice–she likes to hum and say, “A-wuh-a-wuh-a-wuh” as her voice hits each bump with the stroller.  It’s actually quite funny when she continues to play this voice game even as we cover smooth ground.

Well, like I promised, once I finalize the video and upload it to the computer, I promise to post more.  We have neat clips of Annabelle giggling, eating spaghetti, pulling herself up to standing to attack my laptop, and now looking at the waterfalls at Great Falls.

Until then, have a great weekend,

Jess & Annabelle

September 21, 2007. Uncategorized.

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