My Sweet Sleeper

For a long while I have been meaning to take a picture of my beautiful little belle while she is sleeping.  I know I’m her mom, and I’m definitely in love, but I just think she is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen when she has her eyes closed and is off in dreamland.  Sometimes the most mischievous smiles form on her lips while she sleeps and I wonder what is crossing her innocent mind.  I know I’m gushing, but she is just so sweet.


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Annabelle and Mikey on the Blue Train

Oops!  Just one more cute pic of Annabelle with Mikey at Clemyjontri Park.  Whoops!  Forgot to post it!

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Just another random cute moment

The other night we took video and snapped photos of Annabelle as she practiced standing and crawling around!  She is actually moving around as a real crawler now, not as much of an army style scoot.  Here she is just smiling up at me while Dad took this picture.

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Labor Day Housewarming

Over Labor Day weekend, we hosted an impromptu  housewarming party.  Friends from Maryland and Arlington joined us for hotdogs and hamburgers (on our Foreman grill–hey we just moved in, so a real grill is a few months off), and some major kid playtime.  Here’s a cute picture of Annabelle, Alec, and Zander playing in our livingroom.  Zander played guitar and sang his younger compadres the ABC song, while Annabelle sang (sqealed) along.   In the background, the dads ran around the house chasing each other while the moms were grown up and sipped wine.  All in all, it was a lot of fun.

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R.I.P. Old Adidas

Yes, I took a picture of Matt’s old sneakers.  I think the only other person who might be able to really appreciate the fact that Matt parted with an item of clothing (er, footwear) might be his mother.  Anyway, R.I.P. old Adidas.  Sadly, no taps were played as we laid them to rest; Matt was excited to put his new Adidas and tossed these ones into the recycling bin (I’ll send them off to Nike’s playground recycle your sneakers program).

Anyway, so long old shoes.

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Annabelle’s bud Diana

One of Annabelle’s buddies (okay, she’s our friend too) visited this past Friday to play and go out for pho.  Diana, her bud our bud, said the sweetest thing about Ms. Annabelle.  She said, “I just love sitting here and watching her and doing nothing but that.”  I think me and Matt feel that way too Diana.

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Adventures at Clemyjontri Park

Today we visited Clemyjontri Park in Mclean.  On the ride there, I accidently swung by the CIA and the guards were very nice in redirecting me to Georgetown Pike!  Phewy!  Glad we made it through that mixup.

At the park–which is a baby’s dream come true (or a mama’s), is not only colorful and and full of lots of rides and things to climb on, but the park has astroturph-foamlike grounds which are friendly to baby’s soft knees and frequent tumbling.   Here are a few pics of  Annabelle and her friends Katherine, Jack, and Mikey (and their mamas).

Oh, and as a side note, Annabelle figured out how to unscrew the cap off a tupperware container full of chocolate chip cookies and then proceeded to feed herself an entire cookie.  I couldn’t take it away from her–it seemed like the only fair reward for having figured out how to literally “steal a cookie from the cookie jar.”  Hope you enjoy these pics of the mess she made of herself!  I sure had fun taking them. =)

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