Little Monsters’ Bash


So our Little Monsters Halloween Bash finally arrived!  I was happily surprised at how many kiddos dressed up to attend our party–and that includes the moms and dads too.  After the party, Matt and I tallied up how many monsters made their way through our hopping house: 26 adults and 24 children.   We were both grateful that Matt’s pool table had not yet been delivered and assembled.  In its place was plenty of space in our downstairs for little feet to slide up and down our new hardwood floors.  Everyone, including my DH, kept approaching me to ask whether I was okay with all the kids, all the chaos, and in my eyes, all the adventure.  Of course I was!  It was such an energetic afternoon.  As an afterthought though, I am glad no one got hurt.  I bet when Matt and I become grandparents we will look back on this party and remember our youth and insanity, but why waste our youth on being wise or cautious?

In any case, I bet you all would like to hear about the cutees pictured above.  Our first little guy is Harry  Potter, or four year old Avery (we just attended his b’day party a few weeks ago).  The next cutey is little Daniella dressed as a ladybug, who I believe is about two years old.  Then there is Eli holding Justin and Christina’s little one month old baby Abby, who looked adorable as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (her mom handcrafted Abby’s little ruby slippers, er booty socks).

The pretty green fairy is our new neighbor Emily.  Her little sister Abigail isn’t pictured, but Annabelle loves her and I think Abigail is motivating Annabelle to start walking.

The next pink fairy is Ella with her dad Mark.  I met Ella’s mom Jessica at my breastfeeding group, and we started a Baby Reading group a few months ago.

Next are two cute dinosaurs.  First is baby Meera with her dad Jeremy.  Raki and Prasanna are pictured next.  Raki had such an amazing costume.  Oh, Prasanna is my weekend walking buddy.  She’s a riot!

Below the dinosaurs is a little duck.  Doesn’t she look familiar?  Our dear friend Megan is holding her.  Megan was in the delivery room with us before we hatched the Belle.

Under the duck is a very cute Moo Cow named Mikey.  I met his mom Courtney at my breastfeeding group too.  She’s a wonderful gal and an excellent baker.

Then we have our eyecatching Bundies with their little fairy princess Julia.  Rebecca is dressed as Peg Bundy and Craig, of course, is her Al.  Rebecca did remember to bring her bon bons.  We usually meet up out in Leesburg or at the Dulles Town Center for playdates.  Rebecca is a Connecticut girl too.

And last but not least is the cutest little duck I have ever seen.  Don’t you agree?  Annabelle was actually pretty good about keeping her bill-hat on for much of the party.  I felt too mean to keep putting it back on, so most people thought she was dressed like a fat chicken.  In fact, her buddy Alec (who loves the ladies) kept coming over to squeeze her fat duck costume.  His parents better watch out.  I think we have a little ladies man.  Alec was kissing Annabelle on the cheek and then turning around to smooch her friend Ella when Annabelle wasn’t looking.  What a player!

All and all, it was an awesome day of time spent with the kids and good friends.

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