Happy 6 Month Birthday

Happy 6 month birthday Annabelle! Cute, naked baby girl. Oh my, I can’t believe how fast you’re growing . . .


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Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Happy 1st Father’s Day Dad!  I’m not sure about you, but I had a great time hanging out with you this whole weekend.  Just so you know, I made sure that Mom bought you a cool gift, like Led Zepplin’s greatest hits.   Gotta stay hip and cool even though becoming parents is making you and Mom a bit boring.   Another good part about Father’s Day are getting to wear the gift wrap.  Here I am sporting a polka dotted bow for my first dance to Led Zepplin.  Now, I’m not only cute, but hip too.

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Uncle Nate and Aunt Casey renew their wedding vows!

Wow, I’ve only been alive about 25 weeks and already I’ve attended three weddings! Phew! But Aunt Casey and Uncle Nate’s wedding is the first one where I was the flower girl. The day started out pretty good. I showed Nanny and Mom my cute bloomers before Mom headed out with Aunt Casey to get their hair done. After Mom had her hair pulled up, I started getting a bit woozy and tired from all that hairspray, so Mom and I walked all around cute little Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. After that, everything was a blur. Daddy showed up sometime and whisked me away from all the makeup and ladies rushing around. Then Mom picked me up and we headed outside to the cornfield where it was 90 plus degrees with only a slight breeze. I thought I was going to sweat right through my diaper. Actually I did get so hot that after Mom and I dropped petals on our way down the aisle, she handed me off to Dad and I pooped all over him. Thank goodness Uncle Nate’s parents have a strong air conditioner. I slept for a bit before heading back outside to meet relatives I never met before; Mom’s uncles, aunts, and cousins, plus I got to see my cousin Jackson, who has a fondness for walking around naked. What a day!

Congratulations again Uncle Nate and Casey! Glad you waited for me to arrive for your big day!

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