Belle Ringing a Bell

Annabelle loves music.  Here she is performing for her buddy Ayaan.

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Dinner Party

This weekend, Mom and Dad had the best idea ever.  They invited my friend Mikey and his parents Courtney and Ben over for dinner.  Mikey and I crawled around the grown ups feet, ate sweet potatoes, and practiced our standing as we leaned against the different sets of legs under the table.  We had a great time!  So, I say, let’s do that again real soon.  Hey Mom and Dad, I actually let you guys eat a meal, didn’t I?

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2 Peas in a Pod

2 peas in a pod.  Annabelle and Ayaan have been chilling in each others’ cribs for over 7 months now.   Time has gone by so fast!

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Chasing Down the Fountain

Guess what?  I’ve discovered a new game.  I crawl real fast away from Mommy when she takes me to the Town Center and I try to slap my hands up on the water that spurts up in the fountain.  Each time Mom runs over to pick me up and place me back down with my friend Julia, I wait for Mom to look in the other direction, and then I book at top speed.   Here I am keeping that water down.

Dad tells Mom that it’s a good thing that I like to explore things, and Mom thinks so too, she just says that she doesn’t want me to get into too much trouble.  I won’t Mom, so stop worrying so much, okay?

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National Book Festival

Fall weather makes for great festival going.  So, we headed over to the National Mall and the National Book Festival hosted by Laura Bush.  I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the first lady, but instead, we saw mostly tents full of people interested in books.  One of the neater parts of our day though were seeing the Magical School Bus, and kids characters like this penguin fella pictured above.

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Crafty Bastard Festival

Last weekend Matt and I took Annabelle downtown to Adam’s Morgan to attend an arts festival hosted by City Paper called Crafty Bastard.  We saw the jazz band above and a little bit of some break dancers performing.  Aside from that, we saw neat mosaic and fabric artists.  The weather was great, and Annabelle got to see some pretty colorful art work.

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Annabelle’s Little Plan

When Mom and Dad take me to visit people, I try to be my most charmingest self because hey, a girl needs friends.  My plan is that all of Mom and Dad’s friends will have to have kids so that I have someone to play with when we visit.  That’s a good plan, isn’t it?  Well, I’ll settle for dogs, cats, and other things I can pull fur out of too.  That’s fun.

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Chilling with Diana

Here I am chilling with my buddy Diana.  Remember her?  She’s my friend who pretends to like my mom and dad so that we can hang out.  I’m okay with that, and I let Mom and Dad think that Diana likes them too.   I try to be considerate, you know, since they feed me, clothe me, and make sure I don’t eat dirt.

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Hey Peeps!

Good morning peeps!  This week and last week, Mom, Dad, and me have been super busy.  Dad just finished some serious school work, Mom refinished Dad’s old dresser for my new bedroom and now she’s painting my bedroom, and I learned how to stand all on my own!  I am so proud of myself, but I am playing a funny trick on Mommy.  I only stand up when she isn’t looking!

Anyway, Mom said to tell you that we plan to post a whole lot of pics today and tomorrow, but this morning she’s got to take me for my nine month checkup at my new doctor’s office, and then she’s going to try and slap on some more paint in my room if I let her.  We’ll see . . . I’m feeling a bit cantankerous, so I may insist that she wait until Dad comes home to play with me.

Well, talk more soon.



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Old Pictures from Clemyjontri Park

More good news with the new camera.  Our memory card from the old camera did not malfunction, so I was able to upload these older pictures from a play day at Clemyjontri Park with Rebecca and Julia.  Annabelle and Julia crawled through the many firetrucks, trains, went on the swings, and rode in the race cars.  Those are two busy baby girls!  Phewy!

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